Consulting a Corporate and Business Lawyer


We’ve heard it said time and again that you don’t need to consult a lawyer until you run into problems with your business. This common misperception is the single most costly mistake facing a start-up or business venture.

Our business lawyers in Toronto provide clients with the best possible business legal advice from how to register a name for a company or product, to setting up a corporate directorship, to drafting a comprehensive shareholder agreement. Each step you take may have a long lasting impact on the success of your business.

We understand the bottom line

Our expertise covers a range of business legal needs from employment matters, commercial leasing, debt and asset recovery, to corporate structuring. Our approach is simple: we will show you the best suited legal devices for the result you seek – and we will provide you with options. Not everyone needs to incorporate to conduct business. Others may want to operate as a non-profit. In other circumstances, partnerships and joint ventures will provide you with the most control and profitability.

Litigation Services

We assist clients with a wide range of court procedures:

  • Commencing or defending a law suit
  • Interim and permanent injunctions over property
  • Interim and permanent injunctions over land
  • Tracing of assets
  • Examination of books and records
  • Oppression remedies for directors and shareholders
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Enforcement of security agreements
  • Fraudulent or preferred disposition of assets
  • Product warranty and liability
  • Enforcement of non-competition clauses
  • And much more